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I have experienced Enlightenment and I want you to experience it. Enlightenment is a two step process. The first step is the Retirement of the Ego, and the second step is the Establishment of the Integral.

The Ego is the device that manages the Worth of Ideas of Self. The Anatomy of Ideas is experienced in the Mind as Thoughts. The Worth of Ideas is experienced in the Body as Feelings. The Purpose of Ideas is expressed by the The Body as Behavior. Our Perceptions are shaped by our Ideas, and our Behaviors shape our Consequences.

When the Ego is Retired, also known as Awakening, the Mind falls silent, and the Body relaxes. After a few months, a new voice emerges in the Mind, but only speaks quietly, and not very often. The Body also begins to feel sensations, but they are not of emotion. 

Without the Ego, a new person emerges, what I am calling the Integral. You are already experiencing the Integral when you challenge the Ego, but the Ego is usually too powerful for the Integral. You are also experiencing the Integral when you get a funny feeling about a situation, but choose to ignore it.

Once you have Awakened, and the Integral begins to emerge, there will be a period of time before you experience Enlightenment. I call this period Raising The Integral. Once the Integral is Established, you are Enlightened. 

Enlightenment is the ability to manipulate the new world you experienced first during your Awakening. 

The work I am presenting here is divided into 3 books, and 3 classes. 

The first book is The Integral Method, a method to induce Awakening. The second book is Raising The Integral, which can be used in two ways. The first way is for anyone not interested in experiencing Enlightenment, but wants to know how to apply the knowledge. The second way is for anyone interested in experiencing Enlightenment and needs a practical guide. The third book contains the Integral Theory, which is the framework of the method.

The first class is the Idea Mind, which is The Integral Method. The second class is The Liquid Body, which is a component of The Integral Method. The third class is The God Chimp, which is The Integral Theory.

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