The Integral Theory is an Evolutionary explanation, and basis for a method, for Enlightenment. Enlightenment is the revelation of the Mechanism of Imagination, which results in the dissolution of the Ego, and the emergence of the Integral, which in turn transfers control of the Mechanism of Imagination from the Ego to the Integral.

The Mechanism of Imagination is a System of Mind and Body that provides Life the ability to control its environment in order to increase its chances of survival on Earth, and to enable it to leave Earth to pollinate other suitable planets. The Mechanism does this by exploiting Earth’s resources, its own evolution of resources, and by seeking natural patterns in the universe through science and engineering.

The Mechanism of Imagination is most apparent when it fills the vision during daydreaming, the vision and feelings during anxiety, and the vision and feelings and behavior negatively during anger, as well as positively during creativity. The Mechanism uses Ideas, copied, modified, or created, and these Ideas guide the Behavior.

Humans will continue to serve Life’s purpose using the Ego, however the Ego generates problems for Life that the Integral solves. Human suffering is not a concern for Life, it is a tool for consolidating resources, a product of natural selection, and Enlightenment is not a mechanism for liberation of Humans, it is simply a by product that happens to provide peace and tranquility.

Enlightenment is both a natural protector against such things as suicide, and a natural balance to the dangers of group ego, such as the depletion of Earth’s resources prior to its successful pollination of other suitable planets. The Earth will die a natural death, but there is no reason for Life to kill it early. Earth has served Life well, and Life knows that. Wherever the light of Life is, Humans are currently the torch bearers.

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